- Vote for rewards

Vote for rewards

Welcome to the Hydra voting system, here you can vote on topsites to help us get players, in return we will reward you with voting points. Get started below

Your IP Address is

What are the rewards

Votes can be redeemed for any of the following rewards

  • Double XP (20 Minutes) (Increased with donor rank)
  • Double loot from monsters (20 minutes)
  • Vote points to sell to players

How often can I vote

Toplist generally allow you to vote every 12 hours


We do not recommend multi-voting or VPN voting, as this can get you banned from toplists however we have no rule stating you can't do so.

Help I didn't get my vote!?

Sometimes the toplists may experience difficulties which may cause you to lose your vote, if this happens there isn't alot we can do as it's out of our hands. If it doesn't work try again tomorrow if the problem persists create a support ticket