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  • New website has been launched, the final pages are being worked on
  • Contact Rick/Turpentinefor 10-25% off all purchases
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  1. Sale & New website

    1. We are doing holding a sale for 10-25% off credits from now till November 10th Rank bundles will also be 15% off. Two new donator shops will be in place sometime today or tomorrow afternoon. 

      Contact me via forum private messaging or on skype @Turpentine.scripts to receive the custom donations link.


      On top of that, I have decided to publish the new home page a long with the highscores. The old website links are still available for things such as voting and the online shop. Thanks to everyone for their feedback along the way. I'm expected to have it completely finished within the next week.


      All the best,



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  2. Client Update - Hydra Radio

    1. Small update today which brings the Hydra Radio back for those who remember it.


      ::radioon - start streaming

      ::radiooff - End stream


      In the future we will allow people to DJ at certain times throughout the day, for now send any suggestions to myself in-game or on skype.


      Client Download

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